Yamaha YAS275 Alto Saxophone

Product Specifications:

Front F mechanism
With high F #
Standard Neck
Tapered with nylon head Pivot screws
Polyester Key Buttons
Lyre Holder Included

Product Description:

Standard Series
Yamaha’s 275 series saxes offer a perfect introduction to the saxophone.  They are the entry level saxes preferred by teachers throughout the world.  They are also ideal for advanced players needing a doubling instrument.  Offering surprisingly high-quality features at a student model price, they boast durability, good tone, good tuning, easy playability and perfect consistency.

All Yamaha saxes feature an adjustable thumb hook for comfort and ease of playing.  The left-hand seesaw key (Bb) has bed redesigned to facilitate playability as well as feel more comfortable.

The attractive case is made of highly protective yet lightweight and durable ABS resin.  The unique design permits stacking for easy storage.

Personal recommendations for users:

Offering surprisingly high-quality features at a student model price, they boast durability, good tone, good tuning, easy playability and perfect consistency.

Recommended accessories for this product:

YAMAHA Accessories
Polishing Cloth (S)
Polishing Gauze
Silver Cloth
Cleaning Rod
Cleaning Swab
Brass Soap
Lacquer/Silver Polish
Mouthpiece cleaner
Key Oil (Light)
Cleaning Paper
Powder Paper
Cork Grease
Saxophone Cleaner Set
Tone Hole Cleaners


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Corel DRAW – Graphics Suite X5

April 28, 2010 1 comment

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 – Graphic Design Software CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 – Graphic Design Software


Creativity and power come together in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. With increased speed, more accurate color control, enhanced vector illustration tools and new Web capabilities, it’s a must-have for any designer. Get going quickly with new professionally designed templates and learning materials. Find graphics, fonts and images on your computer faster than ever with new Corel® CONNECT. Re-purpose and share your creations anywhere with expanded file compatibility. Then output everywhere, from Web banners and animations, to logos, custom signs and more.

  • More speed with new multi-core support
  • More rich content and professional templates
  • More learning tools, video tutorials and expert tips
  • More compatibility, with support for over 100 file formats
  • More color control and consistency
  • More Web capabilities, including Flash animation support
  • More output options for print, Web, digital signs and more

Video tour of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, graphic design software

Free trial
Image: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 graphic design software

All-in-one professional graphics suite

Find everything you need for professional graphics illustration, layout, tracing, photo editing, Web graphics and animation in one complete suite of integrated applications that is easy to learn and use.

Easy to learn and use

Start smoothly and learn quickly with built-in learning tools, valuable video tutorials, design insights from experts and a visually rich, online guidebook. (A hard cover, full-color, printed guidebook is included with the box version.)

High-value digital content

Enrich your designs with over 1,000 professional fonts, including Helvetica®, Garamond® and Frutiger® fonts for the first time ever. Plus, take advantage of high-value digital content, such as premium clipart, royalty-free photos and vehicle templates.

Precise control and easy sharing

Output to a broad variety of media, from distinctive logos and signs, to striking marketing materials, Web graphics, billboards and car wraps. Export options let you compare file formats before export, so you can optimize your settings to achieve the highest file quality.

Market-leading file compatibility

Re-purpose and share your creations anywhere with market-leading file compatibility. Import and export files quickly and easily with dozens of supported file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, AI, TIFF, PSD and DOCX.

The fastest, most powerful MacBook Pro ever. Times three.

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Innovation runs in the family.

Aluminum unibody enclosure, advanced longer-lasting battery, brilliant LED-backlit display.
MacBook Pro has been precision engineered down to the smallest detail.

Precision aluminum. The new gold standard.

Carved from a single block of aluminum, the MacBook Pro is a true engineering achievement. Its patented unibody enclosure is the product of precise machining. From the thumbscoop to the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t sleep indicator, no detail is unaccounted for. The end result is a notebook that’s not only breakthrough, but thin, light, polished, and refined. The unibody also makes MacBook Pro more durable than ever. So you can throw it in your briefcase or messenger bag and pull it out at an airport, at school, at the office, or on location without a second thought.
Learn more about design

MacBook Pro battery indicatorMacBook Pro battery performance

Unibody Enclosure

Every MacBook Pro starts life as a single piece of aluminum.Watch the video

The longest-lasting Mac notebook battery ever.

The new energy-efficient architecture in every MacBook Pro, along with automatic graphics switching in the 15- and 17-inch models, gives you dramatically longer battery life. On a single charge, the battery in the new 13-inch MacBook Pro lasts up to 10 hours (8 to 9 hours on the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro).1 And you’ll get up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles — that’s nearly three times the lifespan of typical notebook batteries.2 Advanced chemistry and Adaptive Charging allow the battery to maintain charging capabilities longer and determine the optimal way to charge the battery’s cells. Because the battery lasts up to five years, MacBook Pro uses just one battery in the same time a typical notebook uses three. That makes for less waste. And that, in turn, makes for one environmentally friendly battery. Learn more about the battery

Powerful graphics, two ways.

MacBook Pro gives you more options for high-performance graphics, starting with the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M integrated graphics processor in the 13-inch model. It’s up to 80 percent faster than the previous generation and is even more energy-efficient for everyday tasks like writing email and surfing the web.3

The new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro models give you even more power for graphics-intensive 3D games and pro applications, and longer battery life for everyday tasks like checking email or surfing the web. Depending on which application you’re running, these models automatically switch between the blazingly fast discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M processor and power-efficient integrated Intel HD Graphics. So you don’t have to compromise performance for battery life — and vice versa. Learn more about graphics on MacBook Pro

A display of brilliance.

Every MacBook Pro has a pristine LED-backlit display with wide-angle viewing and a color gamut usually seen only on a desktop display. So whether you’re watching a movie or making one, you’ve got the perfect canvas. The ultrathin, seamless glass enclosure makes the display strong and durable. And because it’s power efficient and free of mercury and arsenic, this display is greener than ever. Ready for something even more brilliant? The 15-inch model is now available with a high-resolution 1680-by-1050 glossy or antiglare screen that gives you 36 percent more pixels.

Even the keyboard is advanced.

The rigid aluminum keyboard webbing has been cut precisely to hold the keys. And the keys are curved to perfectly fit fingers. The result? Pure typing bliss. The keyboard is also illuminated, so when you’re in low-light settings, such as airplanes or conference rooms, you can always see what you’re typing.

Backlit Keyboard

An ambient light sensor activates the illuminated keyboard in low-light conditions. See it in action

It all just clicks.

The first thing you might notice — or not notice — about the MacBook Pro trackpad is the button. The entire trackpad is the button, so you can click anywhere. Without a separate button, the spacious trackpad gives your hands plenty of room to move on the large, silky glass surface. Use two fingers to scroll smoothly up and down a page with inertial scrolling. Pinch to zoom in and out. Rotate an image with your fingertips. Swipe with three fingers to flip through your photo libraries. Swipe with four fingers to show your desktop, view all open windows, or switch applications. If you’re coming from a right-click world, you can right-click with two fingers or configure a right-click area on the trackpad. The more you use the Multi-Touch trackpad, the more you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Multi-Touch Trackpad

Execute gestures on a spacious and smooth Multi-Touch trackpad that’s also the button. See it in action

MacBook Pro 15-inch ports

USB icon

Ports with possibilities.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is iPod, iPhone, digital camera, and external hard drive ready. If it has a cable, there’s a place for it. You’ll find two USB 2.0 ports and a FireWire 800 port for connecting faster peripherals.

USB icon

Mini DisplayPort.

The Mini DisplayPort delivers a pure digital connection to external displays — even large 30-inch displays — quickly and easily. It gives you plug-and-play performance with the Apple LED Cinema Display and supports VGA and DVI, as well as the latest multimedia standards such as DisplayPort and HDMI.6

SD Card icon

From camera to computer.
In an instant.

Transfer your photos and videos to and from your MacBook Pro just as fast as you’re able to take them. Built into the 15-inch MacBook Pro is an SD card slot, so you can edit and share your photos and digital video on the spot.

802.11n Wi-Fi

Your studio to go.

With the latest 802.11n wireless technology built into MacBook Pro, you’re always seamlessly and effortlessly connected to the wireless world out there, at home, and at work.7 MacBook Pro automatically finds available networks and allows you to join them with just one click. Bluetooth wireless technology is also built in, so brilliant accessories can become your wireless accomplices. With a built-in battery that lasts longer than ever before, you can do everything you need to do, where you need to do it.

MacBook Pro SuperDrive

Burn DVDs superfast.

After editing and applying the finishing touches to your home movie masterpiece in iMovie and iDVD, use the ultrafast 8x SuperDrive on your MacBook Pro to burn it to DVD. And because the SuperDrive also writes to double-layer discs (DVDs with nearly 9GB of space), it’s great for backing up data.

iChat screens

ArchiCAD 13 – Building Design Software

April 24, 2010 2 comments

---------------------------- AC13

ArchiCAD 13 Revolutionizes BIM Collaboration

Building Information Modeling brings unique challenges to the design team: when implementing BIM on a larger scale, architects often run into bottlenecks in model accessibility and workflow management. ArchiCAD 13 introduces the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server – a first of its kind solution for model based team collaboration. Industry-first Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet. Main benefits provided by the ArchiCAD 13 Next-Gen Teamwork solution are:

Speed (Real-time Collaboration):

  • Virtually no waiting time at synchronization
  • No special requirements for the network
  • Project access from any remote location via Internet
  • No need for predefined static reservations
  • Reserve only the minimum needed part of the model.
  • Highly coordinated real-time collaborating teams
  • Teams of any size are supported
  • 5-minute learning curve

Data Safety (Robust System Architecture):

  • Server level security for project data
  • High level of data integrity provided at all times

Workflow (Dynamic Teams / Central Control):

  • No diminishing return on added team resources
  • Dynamic team setup between projects
  • Centrally controlled user right management
  • Advanced tools for CAD/BIM managers
  • Company wide user role management
  • No need for exclusive access for any task
  • Complete transparency of reservations
  • Context-based, live messaging system
  • Conflict management tools
  • Task delegation and management support

ArchiCAD 13 Next-Gen Teamwork Highlights

Next-Generation Teamwork in ArchiCAD 13
ArchiCAD 13 includes a state-of-the-art BIM Server™ introducing a new paradigm in design file sharing. Due to its revolutionary DELTA-server™ technology only the changed elements are sent between the client and the server. Average data package size shrinks by an order of magnitude from megabytes to kilobytes, so team members can collaborate real-time on BIM models through standard Internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world.

In ArchiCAD 13’s collaborative environment, long waiting times for server synchronization are a thing of the past. The leading-edge Delta Server technology dramatically decreases network traffic. The same technology makes BIM projects accessible through standard Internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world.

Data Safety
Data corruption due to network or hardware failure is a major concern for CAD/BIM Managers: a single faulty computer literally can ruin the work done by the whole office. But the BIM Server’s robust system architecture ensures the integrity of the BIM project at all times. Any data errors from malfunctioning components are blocked, preserving the project’s integrity on the network.

ArchiCAD 13’s new Teamwork, with on-demand element access and server-level conflict management, combines the flexibility of 2D workflows with the coordination power of the model-based world. Companies can utilize their workforce much more efficiently with a dynamic and centrally controllable design workflow.

Teamwork in Action

Setting Up a Teamwork Project
Here you can find out more about the basics of setting up a shared Teamwork Project, including sharing the Project, plus defining global Users and Roles.

Reserving/Releasing Elements, Sending & Receiving Changes
Here you can find out how architects can work simultaneously on a shared TeamWork project: how team members can reserve or release elements throughout their work, how to make modifications and notify others about the changes.

Communicating in a Teamwork environment
Here you will see some examples about the Teamwork Instant Messaging features, and discover how this can help collaboration between team members who are simultaneously working on the shared project.

Advanced features of ArchiCAD Teamwork
Here you will discover some of the more advanced ArchiCAD Teamwork features: server libraries, advanced element reservation/release techniques, project administration features, custom roles, project backup/restore.

3 CH Alloy Shark Radio Remote Control RC Electric R/C Helicopter RTF w/ Extra Durable Aluminum Metal Frame

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Imagine the fun of flying and hovering a small mini rc helicopter in your office, living room or backyard. And with many micro rc helicopters to choose from, the indoor flight hobby is a buyer’s delight.

Brand New 3CH Alloy Shark Electric Power Radio Remote Control Helicopter, Ready to Fly Out of the Box! Charge the battery and switch the power on, and you’re ready for takeoff! Combines the benefits of electric motor power with real helicopter performance! Furthermore, this Alloy Shark is constructed of aluminum alloy frame which offer extra durability!

Now the amazing experience of r/c helicopter flight can be enjoyed by everyone – in the comfort and safety of their own living rooms! Equipped with everything needed to get airborne (except transmitter batteries). Simply take it out of the box, set the batteries, and you have lift-off in your living room! Able to be flown outdoors in light breezes! Now anyone can enjoy the freedom of flight!

If you want to buy some cheap Mini R/C Helicopters in Indonesia, just visit http://www.helicoptermini.com

  • Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)
  • Real life helicopter styling
  • Helicopter main frame is contructed of aluminum alloy which offers extra durability
  • 3 channel digital proportional control
  • Flies over 100m high
  • 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor
  • Newly designed super strong crashworthy propeller
  • Altitude and rotor speed control
  • Flight stabilizing system
  • Super lightweight airframe
  • Brake for easy landing
  • Up to 60m (200 ft) radio control range
  • Ready To Fly, Easy To Fly
  • Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled — only required 8 AA batteries for the radio transmitter to start flying)
  • Length: 381mm (15 inch)
  • Height: 190mm (7.5 inch)
  • Weight: 258g (9.1 oz)
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 340mm (13.5 inch)
  • Battery: 7.4V 850mAh Li-Polymer battery
  • Flight Time: 15 minutes
Package Include:
  • Helicopter (100% assembled)
  • 3 Channel Radio Remote Controller
  • Rechargeable 7.4V 850mah Li-Po Battery for Helicopter
  • AC wall battery balance charger
  • English Manual